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Thursday, 10 March 2011


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dat 1

I do agree that the debate between longsword or katana will very much continue. Furthermore, swords being systems is very accurate. It isn't so much the sword but who wields it. Both eastern and western fighting traditions have their merits. However, the more adaptable one is over the other tends to suggest better survivability. Flexibility rather than rigidity in fighting techniques seems to be the overall factor.

Account Deleted

Japanese samurai swords were used with passion and with great skills as they were extensively used at war times. These are available in 3 ranges are used for different purposes and at specific battle fields.


Dat 1, good point about a system having flexibility. In some ways that would be forced onto a fighting system by changes in technology and it would then be up to the system to change. I guess the best example that comes quickly to my mind would be the changes in Western armour with more plate armour causing a change in sword design and then a change in fighting styles.


Vincent, yes it would be interesting to see how some of the different Samurai style swords fighting against their Western counterparts. A long nodachi against a claymore style sword would be interesting.

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